Mr. Casey's 4th Grade Classroom

Welcome to Mr Casey's 4th Grade

Room 142!!!

This website is meant to be an extension of our classroom.  Click on the pages listed above to find our classroom daily schedule, a calendar with important dates and information about our schoolThe links for learning page provides links to interactive games and websites that reinforce concepts that we are learning in the classroom.

                     Homework                                          Student Attendance

Homework will be given every night. This will include,          Each student is obligated to regular and punctual

reading and math homework. As I tell the kids, reading         attendance.  Each student is also obligated to complete

is the most important 20-30 minutes of the day. I value          all work assigned in each course in which the student

this homework as much as any other work sent home.           is enrolled.  The following policies are intended to

If you are having a hard time finding reading materials at      promote proper attitudes and encourage student

home, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help your       responsibility. 

child find something.                                                                                                Excused Absences

                       Grading Policies                                          - Personal Illness
         Reading / Language Arts / Social Studies                   - Death in the Family
  • Tests 50%                                                                           - Doctor/Dentist Appointment
  • Classwork/Participation 40%
  • Homework 10%                                                                  - Religious Holidays

                             Math / Science                                                - School Sponsored Activities

  • Tests 40%                                                                        * For absences to be considered excused, students must
  • Quizzes 20%
  • Classwork 15%                                                                   bring in a note that explains the reason for being absent
  • Participaiton 15%                                       
  • Homework 10%                                                                  and must be signed by parent/doctor.
          NYS Assessments                                      Unexcused Absences 

                 ELA (English Language Arts)                                When a school administrator determines that a student's

                           1/4/11 - 1/6/11                                                   absence is excessive, the student's parents/guardians will

                        Math Assessment                                              be contacted and a meeting will be set up to discuss

                          3/11/11 - 3/13/11                                                the reasoning for the absences.